-Soñador, muéstrame algo maravilloso.

-Ven aquí.

Aquel “Soñador” le mostró la versión de su efigie ante el espejo.

-Maravillosa eres tú. Maravilloso soy yo. Maravillosos nosotros. Maravillosa inexactitud que en un sueño es imposible encontrar. Maravillosamente reales, como si lo hubiésemos soñado.

Ella se quedó allí. No se fue. Como si lo hubiese soñado…

Captura de pantalla 2016-03-20 a las 11.19.28


11 comentarios en “Soñador…

  1. Reblogueó esto en ' Ace Friends News 'y comentado:
    Hola Juan. Hope you are well just catching up on your great quotes busy day with Brussels yesterday .. This is so true as people in this confusing world we now exist in need to know reality as to know one own reality can lift us up from the visual lives our children see as reality and learn that nature in its purest form is more beautiful than any social media site – before it’s too late to save them from themselves … Ian

    1. Hola Ian!!
      Thanks. These days are Holidays in Spain, so is a little difficult for me to write all people. I only can say thank you very much for your words and for sharing your wisdom and experience with me other time!!
      Have a great day, my friend! I’ll write you more when I can.
      Cheers. Juan.

      1. No need to apologise my friend please have a great holiday and happy Easter to you and your family … Ian

        PS l featured both your pictures posts on friends and added short links to each one .. They were fabulous Juan


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