Con toda mi alma

“Si supiera


podría quererte,

pero no

puedo odiarte,

porque no

sé quererte.

Y quiero





no odiarte,




para odiarte


toda mi alma”.

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20 comentarios en “Con toda mi alma

    1. El amor y el odio confluyen. El uno sin el otro no son nada. Aunque yo tengo que reconocer que no sé odiar…
      Yes, hate starts with a grain of something, jealously, stupidity,…
      Gracias por leerme. Bienvenida 🙂

      1. Hola Juan. What you say is so true of so many .. As people try to come to terms with both feelings one fighting the other for supremacy of their heart.

        Both words are friends to the few on either the dark or light side – remember at the end of days the sons and daughters of light will fight the sons and daughters of darkness .. Are we not seeing the beginning of this now across the world .. Though we await for God to show us the light and the dark people hidden from our eyes .. as we are blinded to the real truth of God in all men.

        I say believe not what a person says or what he does believe only in your heart what feels right and God will guide your way on to the path ov righteousness .. Ian

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