Benefits of Being a Bibliophile (A Book Lover!)

Origen: Benefits of Being a Bibliophile (A Book Lover!)

Me encanta este “canto” a los libros. I love this post!!


11 comentarios en “Benefits of Being a Bibliophile (A Book Lover!)

  1. Un buen trabajo, efectivamente. No puedo decir que soy un gran lector de libros. Pero, efectivamente, siento como que voy a otro mundo cuando leí un libro que me gusta.
    Good post, indeed. I can not say I’m a big reader. But, indeed, I feel like I’m going to another world when I read a book I like.

    1. I’m a writer, I love books, and reading is one of the bases of writing. I have to say that a good book makes me travel to other worlds -a bad book only makes me travel to the bathroom; and also makes me get angry!!-.

      1. Are you psychologist, or studying Psychology? I like human psychology, but I prefer to take a walk and to see the human behavior, not to read about it.
        I don’t know if ask to you about what do you think about myself and my psychology. I’m a too much weird person!!! 🙂 😉

      2. I don’t know. You like to write, so you’re an introvert guy. But, not all the time. You socialize only when you’re in mood. You also like to risk sometimes because you love the adrenaline. This is what can I say only reading your posts. 🙂 I don’t know if I read you corectly or not

      3. Great!!! You are right!! As I thought, you are very intelligent and sensitive. 🙂
        I’m very introvert. Nobody know what I feel. Exactly, I socialize when I’m in mood. If not, I prefer to be alone. And I prefer a quiet life, but take risks is sometimes good.
        Congrats. You know me!!!!! :))


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